Some of my Reversible Polar Fleece Scarfmitts

I’m a 5’2″ guy for whom it’s hard to find clothes that looks and feel nice, fits well and doesn’t cost a fortune. Usually, I have to get clothes tailored to fit and when my latest seamstress told me last fall that she was retiring, I decided to solve my clothing challenges once and for all by learning to design and make my own clothes. It was going to cost more than buying and tailoring, yes, as doing this stuff on your own isn’t cheap. You get a whole new appreciation for what clothes are worth and what you’re ripping off the third world for with all the cheap (and even expensive) clothes you have available out there. However, once you add on the factors of life skills, hobby, pride of being able to say you designed and made your own clothes and custom designs you’d love, it’s a very small price relatively speaking.

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