Definition: Arhythmetics, AI Winter, Racial Passing

I’m currently learning new words and terms at a pretty good clip due to the winter that is giving me lots of cause to stay indoors and learn. I’m also trying to absorb world art history as quickly as I can from Khan Academy, before I really get into painting because I want to compose and paint with that reference background! As a result, I’ve got words for about a month’s worth of posts.

So here we go!


Definition: Automaticity and Commercial Racial Profiling

Automaticity is new word learned #17 in 2020. A fancy word for something like reactive instincts (one which could be trained), but not exactly that term, so that’s why there is a term for it, I suppose. 🙂


And commercial racial profiling, or actions resulting from racial profiling in a commercial (retail) setting, is absolutely disgusting. As with anything, though, there is a continuum from mild to just outright extreme. This one is the latter, and in Canada, and the more open-minded part of Canada that is the west coast, no less. To assume an Aboriginal with just $30,000 or so in his bank account has to be impossible to the point that he must be committing fraud, and call the police on him in a bank. Then to handcuff his 12 year old daughter trying to open a bank account. OMFG! I can’t imagine a worse commercial racial profiling… but that’s reality for you. Makes the imagination look pale all the time.

Just absolutely tragic, though. I hope these people face some serious consequences beyond the public apology of their organizations.