Genotyping Told Me I Have a Great Tolerance for Alcohol, But I Don’t Drink

I remember it like it was last night. I was in grade 8. An Asian youth in Canada with over protective Parents who had me home at dark or rather sooner. In junior high, I wanted to hang out with my Canadian classmates outside of school, and especially go to some of these parties I always hear them talk about. Well, one night that fall, I finally got permission.

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Could a 5 Day Processing Wait Be a Start to Curbing America’s Gun Violence Problem?

Last post, I analyzed the impact of gun control legislation and changes on gun related deaths, as shown by statistics. I analyzed it in a lot of details, because that was required. But for those not interested in all the details, the summary was this. The impact was clear that the Brady Bill had a major impact to lower gun related deaths per year and per capita by about 25% ! See 1994-1999 part of analysis in link above. That impact, one would think, had to do with the background checks required. That was true. But what was surprising was something in the process of that check.

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