Follow Up to the Pho Incident Post

A few days back, I shared a short story I wrote about a very sad childhood experience I had in Viet Nam. I wrote it prior to returning to my home country for the first time in 35 years, ending with contemplation about how I’d handle helping ease some of the poverty I would experience there. Specifically, it was the street children because it was street children survival brutality that I had been exposed to as a child that one day of The Pho Incident story.

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When Did WordPress Become So Bad at Blocking Spam Comments?

It’s probably been close to a year now, but the spamming comments just has been getting worse and worse on WordPress! Tonight I got over 20! That’s a lot of wasted time to clean out things if I were to be consistently good at it. Not vetting comments before they get posted is just a way for these people to get free click throughs and make it hard for anyone who cares to look through the comments.

WordPress’ spam filters hasn’t seemed to have kept up with the times. Surely they can do better! Block stuff with multiple links. Block website userIDs unless it is a popular social media ID. People can still use bogus emails if they really want to comment but don’t want to give their real emails. But bogus email spam is of little value because there are no click throughs to sites… considering the suggestion I also had about blocking multiple links in a comment. They might get one link there, but someone would have to actually read the comment to see the link, not just see it in a widget on the sidebar.

Also, there are many repeated phrases. Catch some of them. Not all of them. Just some. That’s enough for a few blocks.

I remember the days when hardly any spam came through with Askimet protecting against spam. Something has not kept up with the times. Whatever it is, I hope it is soon because it is really annoying. Banning comments defeats the purpose of the blog as a social media tool of sorts.

WordPress folks, are you listening? Good luck!

Did the Super Bowl XLIV Half Time Show Suck or What?

Please click here for my Super Bowl XLV (2011) review and poll for what you thought.

Is it me, or was the singing of Who’s performance at the Super Bowl half-time was so bad that they’d have been thrown out of any bar for it?

Sure, they are the Who.
Sure, it’s the Super Bowl.
Sure, there were lots of lights and a fantastic stage.

But could any of that compensate for the poor singing?

They couldn’t even sing, for crying out loud! Close your eyes and tell me that was a good performance. Listen and tell me if you heard that from a cover band, you’d give them the thumbs up.

It was a good day for lip synching, let me tell you!

How disappointing! Good waste of money!

I’m posting this before the show is even over! That’s how bad it was!

Let’s not get fooled again!