What was That about Playing with Food?

I’ve been using my action figures to document my life of late, and it has involved food, which made for some fun photos.

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Me in my New Orleans Saints Fleece Coat

I’ve posted a lot of clothes I’ve designed and made on this site. However, the clothes have been mostly shown on a dress form, lying around or in terrible selfies I take. Recently, I was very fortunate to have had the chance to be in a few photos with Geena Grim of Grim Photography. This one is of me in the New Orleans Saints fleece coat I designed and made two years ago (more details in the link).

Thanks, Geena! And assistant Ken! I hope to have a few more in the future. In the meanwhile, please visit her Grim Photography page to see more of her beautiful work!

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First Try at Tennis Action Photography

This is the first year I’ve committed to tennis during our fair weather months. With an interest in photography, I definitely wanted to try some tennis action photography. The photos below are from my first try, with various levels of success as I was figuring out just about everything like shutter speed, angles, exposures, aperture, timing and such that I would need to take photos without motion blur. Thanks to Jill and Joe in the photos, who were gracious enough let me sit on the sidelines and photograph them during one of their hitting sessions. I would definitely need a more powerful lens to be doing this from further away so as not to be as much of a distraction, whether with the camera clicks or just being a figure beyond the doubles alley. Great learning experience, though, and I will definitely be back for more, possibly with a more powerful lens.

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My Experimental Attempts at Steampunking Photography

Steampunk style is informed by the aesthetics of steampunk literature. That, to me, basically means an attempt to create a modern or futuristic object using industrial techniques and styles (Victorian era from 1837-1901). Often, this might be only partially successful, or would appear rather awkward, like an arm gun on a robot being a mini-cannon mounted on the wrist. It fits the definition of steampunk well, where the “steam” refers to the age of steam, and the “punk” refers to rebelling to either balk the steam era style or modify it in a way not typical of the style.

Being a photographer, I then thought, what would photography look like if steampunked? Here’s the theory and example.

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