Obonics: Barack Obama Slang


President Barack Obama‘s influence over popular culture, including the English language, is going to be most interesting to watch. Numerous terms including his name are already in use, like the Obama Effect, Obamania, the BarackBerry and Ben & Jerry’s Yes Pecan ice cream (which seems to have been removed).  More will come, which has prompted me to categorize them as obonics. Can you add any more?


President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Nonstandard English terms involving Barack Obama’s name, and a subset of ebonics.

Obama Syndrome
The condition of being judged by a higher standard due to unfair expectations set from unbounded optimism.

Abama (as in Abe-bama)
Something common between Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama.

Barackberry Jam
A great jam containing berries of every type and colour, without melting them in the pot.

Black pyjamas.

Baracker Jack
A snack of caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts containing change inside.

1. What African-Americans (should?) shout when throwing and breaking dishes at weddings.
2. The Yes We Can play beginner level oboe (no exclamation mark).

Someone addicted to Barack Obama and/or anything associated with him (as in crackhead).

Barack Obama’s reggae band, dance or jam session (all of which he should have).

1. What happens when one gets too much Barack Obama.
2. A media ban on Barack Obama.
3. Barack Obama’s enthusiasm to get doing something.

The African-American equivalent of the Obamajamas and/or Bananarama.

The state of being Barack Obama.

Obama bin Madden
How you tell somebody Barack Obama just got ticked off.

Noticeable influence by Barack Obama on something.

Nasty stuff Republicans and others spread about Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s priority list.

A woman like Michelle Obama; a woman supporter of Barack or Michelle Obama.

Kind of like, but not exactly, Barack Obama.

When Oprah and Barack Obama back something together.

Communications from Barack Obama… digital, of course.

Oprah and Barack Obama practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching situations, assessing situations or solving problems.

The drawing feature of the Barackberry.

Obama Slamas or Obama Slama Jamas
1. A Barack Obama slam dunks, metaphorically in policy or physically in basketball.
2. Any basketball team with Barack Obama on it.

Barack Obama’s card game where winning card hands add up closest to 53, the popular vote percentage by which he won the 2008 election.

A very rude way to address the President.

1. The next generation leader in Pirates of the Caribbean.
2. Barack Obama’s beard should he grow one.

What Alabama is considering changing its state name to.

Metaphor for inspiration inspired by Barack Obama.

The genus of parasitic mites belonging to the Myobiidae family which might be carried by Barack Obama.

The aura Barack Obama sheds on things with his presence and vision.

Be your own Barack (Obama), the rallying cry to rise up and contribute to the change needed.

A veto or voting block spearheaded by Barack Obama.


What can you add?
Please add your suggestions in the comments section, with a brief description of each term. Other comments are also welcomed. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 9.6

Six Word Biographies


Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser from Boingboing had this great concept of the 6-word memoir. There are even great YouTube videos about it.

I absolutely loved the idea! Unfortunately, unless you were Maya Angelou, you should probably just stick to one memoir… even if your memoir were only a 6-word memoir. For the record, mine is Everything Done Will Mean More Later.

However, there’s nothing wrong with writing lots of 6-word biographies, so I’m dedicating this post to the concept. That means I will add other 6-word biographies as I think of them, to this same post, mostly of famous people so others can relate, but also the occasional specific person in my life for an inside joke. Real biography links courtesy of Wikipedia.

If you have any 6-word biographies to share, please add them to the comments. Thank you.


Six Word Memoir

Six Word Memoir

Not enough channels to share everything!
Ted Turner

WTF??? Ask in Facebook survey. LMFAO!!!
– A certain 16 year old distant relative I know

Superman. On screen and off screen.
Christopher Reeve

My Way, with other people’s songs.
Frank Sinatra

My Way. My Songs. My Show.
Paul Anka

Fame became infamy between my legs.
Bill Buckner

Yes we can. Yes we will!
Barack Obama

Born to be Vice-president, not historian.
Joe Biden

Repeat Om mani padme hum forever…
– Any Dalai Lama

Good heart, bad lungs, no wardrobe.
Darth Vader

Six words? I want six memoirs!
Maya Angelou

Great in many ways, relativity speaking.
Albert Einstein


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.7