Why the Mental Health Argument to Curb Gun Violence is Crazy

In the aftermath of the Newtown shooting tragedy, I am hearing and seeing a lot of social media about needing to provide more mental health support to stop incidents like that. Well, talk about a crazy argument, pun doubly intended! And I didn’t pun because I’m insensitive to those needing mental health. Rather, the argument of better mental health support for gun violence in America is that ludicrous!

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Videos of the Mom Song, Kids’ Response to Mom Song and Momsense 2 with Lyrics

My friend Luciana shared the first video and I absolutely loved it. It’s the first video below and is called the Mom song, originally written and sung by mom-comedienne Anita Renfroe. I chose a different version because it has far less advertising so you can read the printed lyrics in the video. Typed out lyrics follow it aside from being on the video in case you want to copy it to send or post somewhere.

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