Congratulations, America! And Beware of History, Tronald Dump!

Wow! Where did this wind just suddenly come from?

Wait, that’s no wind. That’s a win, and that’s the American people, and global citizens, reacting to the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory in the US election!

Congratulations, Joe, Kamala, and citizens of the world!!!

Myself, I’m going to especially enjoy the next few months, and the rest of Tronald Dump’s life as he gets his due humiliation in the worst way for him, on the global scale, on all aspects of his life he’s gotten away with all his life. Dump has hurt so many people with all the things he’s been able to get away with, and will continue from legacies of his actions and policies, that no karma will be able to get it back, but this humiliation will be a minor amount of justice, if only because it will hurt him most where it hurts him most, his ego, and on global public display. This isn’t violence or anything like that, but there’s no pain like that to the ego, and this will be to most crushing degree by being on the world stage, as well as forever!

That’s right, forever! That’s because it’s all going to come out now and go down in history. Dump should be well aware that the winners write the history, cause he has been trying to do that all this time, but he’s not the final victor. Yet, he won’t have to worry about being maligned by propaganda, smear, or any such biased accounts of fiction that he has done. No, far worse. He’ll have to worry about the truth! The truth about everything he has done. The truth that will be far worse than anything anyone could spin about him because most of us don’t have imaginations malicious enough to imagine the extent of egocentric selfishness of his actions, lies, tactics, and so on. And worst for Dump, it’ll all point back to his lack of character that he thrived on from all his spin. He has been, but will now far more be, his own worst enemy. Look out Tronald!

Finally, there will be a sweet irony in all this that as the truths come out, there’s going to be lawsuits all over the place, from which he will no longer have protection in being President, and losing “friends” (fake friends) now that he has nothing to offer them who would be willing to support and/or defend him. You mark my words. Trump is going to have his own favourite weapon of intimidation turned against him, the lawsuit… except this won’t be intimidation, but rather justice! And he will be more defenseless against it than his past victims, because the truth will offer some protection against Dump, but nothing will protect you from the truth ultimately!

But Amen! Thank you American voters, for an exciting election, even though it should never have been this close. I hope stores will have enough popcorn for me over the next decade or so to enjoy this!

Oh, one more thing. Get rid of that Electoral College system! The Republicans have one just one popular vote since 1988, and how many elections have they won? But even if that were the Democrats, how can you call yourself a true democracy if the majority of the people don’t have their voices heard in your biggest democratic event over and over again??? Give me a defendable answer on that!

Making Trails and Other Great Quotes


“Let us not follow where the path may lead.
Let us go instead where there is no path,
And leave a trail.”

– Japanese Proverb


As there are as many minds as there are heads,
so there are many kinds of love as there are hearts.

– Leo Tolstoy


“The difference between the right word and almost the right word
is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

– Mark Twain


“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability
to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time,
and still retain the ability to function.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald


“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time;
it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”

– Sydney Harris


Any quotes you’d like to share?

Please leave them as a comment. Thank you.


The State and Buzz of the Internet Today, Literally!


Jonathan Harris (courtesy of

Jonathan Harris (courtesy of

Jonathan Harris is an artist, computer scientist and anthropologist. It’s an interesting combination that yields fascinating results. In the inspirational and funny talk below, he shows how he combines these interests and professions into a website that constantly tracks what is being said online. Then he maps and groups them in all kinds of way, with all kinds of other information like your age, gender, weather in your city, etc. on a site called We Feel Fine. Never mind what people are tracking about you online and who can harness it, without your permission, but look at what it tells you about the world as is being expressed in text on the Internet.

In another application, he converts what is being said into word constellations in the stars. The history of constellations was that they told what was important in life and to the culture naming the constellations via the stories told at the time. The Universe site shows what our constellations would look like if we created them today objectively based on what is said.

Then after the talk, you can go to try the webware itself. That is, you can try the program on the Internet without downloading anything. But whether you care to try or not, just listening to the talk gives you a very different perspective of what’s going on over the Internet, and what people can do with it that you likely don’t know if you’re like most people I know. There are also a few big picture insights into humanity.

This could be a huge time killer if you love this big picture stuff, with ability to mine down into the smallest details of your interest. I’m trying to get therapy not to waste my life away on it! 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 9.6


Jonathan Harris: The Web’s Secret Stories (Mar 2007)


Jonathan Harris: The Art of Collecting Stories (Dec 2007)