This Skinny Asian’s Chance for Obesity? 0.85X the Average Caucasian

23andMe’s genotyping results has provided scientific support for something I’ve been telling people over the years without many believing me… that I can become fat. At 5’2″ and 108 lbs. of a marathon runner’s body, I can’t say I blame them. I don’t look like much at this weight, never mind the 90 lbs. I used to be at before I started distance running 16 years ago. Yet, I can eat a lot, with consequences almost like any over typical person if I don’t run it all off.

The Anecdotal Case

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I’ve Got the Speed Gene! (ACTN3)

When I first started learning about genetics for 23andMe’s genotyping services, I started on their site where there was some material. One of the articles was on variations, and more specifically, the “speed gene” with the scientific name of ACTN3. Being a multiple marathon runner who knew I was more of the fast twitch muscle variety for short bursts of speed rather than endurance running, I wanted to know if I, indeed, had this gene and was going to check on it among the first things I do, unless it were really hard to find. To be more correct, I wanted to know if I had the correct configuration of this gene. Everybody has this gene. It’s just a matter of which configuration it was in to enable the benefit of physical speed and power.

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