My Tangible Resolutions Checklist

I have completed compiling my resolutions list for myself, though it will be a few more days by the time I get them transferred to here for documentation. That’s because I did them by hand like I said should be done in the Resolutions Planner I created and shared. Looking at my list, most are habit oriented, like sleeping so much so often (that is a challenge for the active me), intermittent fasting, spending frequency, and so on. They don’t really yield a tangible outcome on their own, but rather support one, if at all. While that may be great, to have a healthy me, money in the bank, and so on, the results aren’t directly the sole outcomes of these efforts, and even how much for attribution would be debatable. Fear not, no, fret not, no frown not? I still have some tangible outcomes on my resolutions list, and they are like checklist style items that many resolutions are like for most people.

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Inspiration for Backs of Garments

The backs of garments is so terribly neglected in design it’s almost a tragedy. This is especially true considering the potential it holds for design, and especially that for women’s garments where baring some of it is considered stylish, sexy and/or desirable in some other way. Men’s garments, not so much, hahaha.

But think about all the things you can do with the backs of garments, though.

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