Quinoa on Jam Toasts, Anyone?

When I was first introduced to quinoa¬†(KIN-wa), I thought of it as a staple like pasta, rice and bread, which I would have to eat less of the others to integrate the quinoa. That was OK, except I’d be limited on quinoa recipes and would often have to eat something else because quinoa is not that filling to me. I’d also be losing out on my carbs I need a lot of for my marathon training. Finally, because I wouldn’t eat quinoa every day, with it as my main source of complete protein¬†and significant source of iron, it’d be a bit like getting protein spikes in my diet every couple of days.

Just a month later, I am finding quinoa to be among the most versatile food I eat so I can get a more constant supply of it and the very complete protein profile it carries. I do use the quinoa as a staple for dishes like quinoa salads, but I am more frequently using it with the staples to leave me fuller, get my protein most days and have my carbs for marathon training. I shared my pasta with quinoa instead of ground meat recipe the other day. Today comes quinoa with jam toasts.

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