Jim Lehrer Should Learn How to Tell Mitt Romney to Shut the &#%^ UP!

During the first debate of the 2012 election, Mitt Romney was able to be a microphone bully to constant get his words in and get the last words. Even when “moderator” Jim Lehrer was telling him otherwise, Romney got his way. Perhaps appropriate if Romney gets elected that he’d cut PBS the way he cut off Lehrer tonight, just like Romney was saying he would. Continue reading


Ol’ Man Mose – For Those Who Like 1930s Music with F-Bombs

The next time someone tells you they think 1930s music is lame and tame, you let them listen to this little ditty by Patricia Norman, accompanied by Eddy Duchin and his band.

Warning: Explicit language.

That’s right, explicit language. If you don’t like it in your music, please don’t listen. You’ve been warned!

This was the first known song which had the F word in it, and it was absolutely scandalous when it first came out in 1938. In fact, it not only uses the F word, it uses it repeatedly. Read the lyrics and you’ll see why! Too bad there wasn’t a TV performance like the spectacular one by Betty Hutton, albeit to tamer lyrics, at the end of this post.

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