Weekly Photo Challenge (Surprise)

First, we learned that roses are red, like from those “Roses are red” love or Valentine poems.

Then we found out they also came in a pure white.

And if we looked around a bit more, we could find them in yellow and pink, too.

I’m sure if we looked harder, like on Google or Wikipedia, we could probably find them in some other colour. But have you ever seen a rose with all the colours of the rainbow?

If not, then have a look!

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Better Ways of Getting Closer to Your Food Than Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Only Eating Animals He Kills

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is only eating animals he kills himself these days! That’s his latest “personal challenge”, which, for context, have included things like learning Chinese in 2010 (continuing) and wearing a tie every day in 2009.

Mark’s reason for doing this?

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Vietnamese Farmers’ Market in Michoud, Louisiana

The video clip below is not meant to be an edited video. Rather, it is just a little glimpse of a little Vietnamese “Farmers” Market in Michoud, Lousiana, part of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans so badly devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I got to see this little market that opens for just 3 hours Saturday mornings from about dawn to 9 AM, in the style of markets back in North Viet Nam, and wanted to share it with others who might be interested.

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