Do Geeks and Nerds Prefer Obama or Romney? Poll

There are all kinds of polls for the US election, covering all kinds of demographics. However, I’ve yet to see one for geeks and nerds, as well as dorks and dweebs. Before you chastise me, though, yes, I know the difference between the four.

However, for this post’s sake, and relate to the rest of the public, let’s just all be happy together as geeks and nerds, shall we?

Geeks and nerds may not be taken seriously in life, but as a demographic, they make up about 16% or 1 in 6 of the American population! That’s bigger than a LOT of demographics surveyed out there! Geeks and nerds are definitely a SERIOUS demographic!

So without a poll for this demographic, let me ask all the self-labeled geeks and nerds (and dweebs) out there, who do you prefer for President of the United States? Please vote in the poll below, and share with your geek and nerd friends!

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Facebook Deals Gets You Discounts, While Vendors Gets Your Info and You Advertise… FAIR?

As of today, Mon Jan 31, Facebook is offering deals in Canada through Facebook Places, although I imagine it’s slightly old news in the US and some other countries by now. What you give up in exchange is your “Facebook soul” in your demographic information, which could be singled out if there aren’t many users doing it at the same time, like at a small business, and you end up advertising with a status update that goes out to all your Facebook friends.

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