How Do People Who Watch Porn of Dead Pornstars Feel? Sketchy post today, from a few items I had seen lately on a Facebook feed of a friend who is very much into the adult scene, and not shy to share news about it. It seems a couple of established pornstars (starlets Kota Skye, aka Dakota Skye, and Bailey Blue aka Dahlia Sky that is creepily close in name to the other suicide victim) had taken their lives in the past month or so. That led me to think about their video work, like non-adult actors and actresses have movies and shows they starred in that survive them after their death. We watch those and usually feel good about it, but would people watch porn of dead pornstars and jerk off to it, or masturbate, or whatever they prefer to do while watching porn? Really???

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Obama’s Barackets Walloping the Rest After Day 1

It’s only Day 1, but the President’s Barackets is ahead of 98.2% of entries in ESPN’s March Madness Tournament Challenge! President Obama only got two games wrong, though one was Ohio State that he also picked to on to the Sweet 16 so he won’t be getting that game right. He picked some sweet upsets, though, like North Dakota State over Oklahoma that was the first true upset of this tournament given the other “upsets” were teams known to have fairly competitive squads. Someone said North Dakota State was the “best team nobody knows about”, and they at least proved that in one game. We’ll see how well they do the rest of the way.

The POTUS is beating me for now, but for now is the key part of that phrase. I am a mere one game behind, but still ahead of 90.4% of the entries. I also have one team picked to go to the Sweet 16 that’s not going, Oklahoma. Obama has been analyzed to pick well in the first round, especially for upsets, but a little more suspect in the latter rounds, though not that suspect given he usually does pretty well to still beat the majority of entries.

Bring on Day 2!