Should I Use Cash or Plastic to Pay for This?

This post is optional supporting material for users of the Free Advanced Finances Tracking and Analysis Spreadsheet I have for free downloading on this site. However, it should be useful for anyone who wants to think a bit more about their personal expenditures to get a new perspective on it.

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How Much Credit Should Obama Get for Killing bin Laden? Vote!

President Barack Obama

Politicians often get or take a lot of credit for things done by many people by the nature of how we view things and of our political system. Conversely, they also get the flack for a lot of things, whether fairly or not because it might have been the errors or poor performance of many others. As the symbolic focal point for a lot of things, that’s how accountability is thrust upon them.

For their sake of accountability, the ability to be able to decide how much or little to get involved is a key trait to a good politician because nobody is an expert at everything. In fact, the more important politicians trusted with responsibility for various portfolios might not even know much about the issue. Their selection of responsibility might be for any number of reasons, from political like having power distributed in an area, to the lack of anyone else suitable, whether by knowledge or decision-making ability.

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My Favourite Pictures Taken from the Lung Run 5K 2009

On Aug 9 2009, I volunteered as a photographer for the 3rd annual Credit Union Atlantic Lung Run 5K. These photos go out with the return invitation to participants for this year’s race. This year, though, the race is being held on Saturday, April 10 instead of its usual August date.

Below are some of my favourite pictures from the set I got. They are 720 x 480 pixels so they should each load reasonably quickly, but they are not meant for printing. You can just click on the thumbnail to see the larger version, and follow through via other thumbnails, or click at the title to get back to the entire gallery.

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