The Theory of Creationism

Larry King challenged Michael Moore on Larry’s show on Oct 13 while discussing whether or not evolution should be allowed to be taught in school, as opposed to creationism. Larry “corrected” Michael to remind Michael that it was the theory of evolution, not evolution.

Wait a minute here. If evolution is still a theory, shouldn’t creationism also be a theory?

Since when did the Bible become “proof” for anything? They call religion faith because you have to believe in it, not know it for certain, you know. And I do mean you know.

Seriously, considering the evidence, creationism is far closer to a theory than evolution. But in the spirit of mutual respect, let me then propose a suggestion.

Why don’t we refer to evolution and creationism both as theories?

I’ve long heard about the theory of evolution, but the theory of creationism… hmmm.

Besides being scientifically correct, I LIKE IT! 🙂