While I was in Alaska last fall, inspired by their flag which had the Big Dipper constellation and Polaris, the North Star, on it, I had the idea of making a tuque with the same constellation and more. Namely, I was going to illustrate one of the more popular astronomical navigation descriptives that involved not only the Big Dipper, but also the Little Dipper. I was going to do this on a tuque because it’s generally spherical, like the night sky. There was no more perfect a garment canvas than a tuque!

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Should There Be Horoscopes for Ophiuchus?

The constellation Ophiuchus in the night sky

The world has finally been enlightened to the true dates of the zodiac, and that it contains a 13th sign called Ophiuchus, the “serpent-bearer”. Many of those formerly told they were born under Scorpio and Sagittarius were actually born under Ophiuchus. Should they have their own horoscopes now that the world has been enlightened to this?

If you want to make a real case about it, Scorpio is only 7 days long in the current alignment of the zodiac, while Ophiuchus is 18 days long. It would hardly seem fair Ophiuchus gets left out!

And if you believe in horoscopes, how could you believe it to be accurate if you knew a full real sign were left out?