Non-generic Colours and My Fashion Philosophy

This post elaborates on the second of ten elements of my fashion philosophy, which is if I were caught on security camera, there’d be no trouble describing me.

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“Obama Won” Memes to Celebrate Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential Victory!!!

CNN just projected Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the USA in 2012 as I write this! Woohoo!!!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share some pics that you can post to show your feelings about the victory… and maybe get a few laughs!

How Would “Fine Brown Frame” Do Today as a Song?

Recently, I heard this fantastic song called “Fine Brown Frame”, written by Guadalupe Cartiero and J. Mayo Williams.

The song refers to a fine body of someone with brown skin. Not just a fine body, but specifically a fine body of someone with brown skin. It’s the last part, which distinguishes this song from other songs about fine bodies, because the skin colour obviously makes a difference to add a racy tinge to a sexy song.

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