Broadway Joe Namath’s New Guarantee

Broadway Joe Namath, famous for his Super Bowl III guarantee to beat the Colts as big underdogs with the NY Jets in 1969, can make another guarantee after a premature coin toss to open Super Bowl XLVIII.

He can guarantee a blunder any time he appears in a prime time football game. 🙂

Go Broncos!

Shopping for Fabric in New York’s Chinatown

When in New York, especially the Manhattan borough that a lot of people associate with the image of New York, sewist and fashionistas instantly gravitate to the Fashion/Garment district for fabrics and sewing related needs. I did that last time and reviewed them here. However, with image also comes price, like a brand name commands it even if the quality is no better, or worse, than another equivalent product. This is why you head outside the Fashion/Garment District for some deals, though that’s not to say there’s nothing good for quality and selection diversity there. I would actually recommend checking out some of these shops first, if you had the time. It would give you a good idea what’s available at what price, before visiting the Fashion/Garment District, if you have any concern about price when purchasing your fabrics and notions.

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