Definition: Cornice, Bed Mould, Dentil


Ornamental molding around the wall of a room just below the ceiling


Bed mould

Moulding found under the cornice, of which it is a part, used to cover the joint between the ceiling and wall



A small block used as a repeating ornament in the bedmould of a cornice

Definition: Bing Sutt, Book and Bed, Superstar Effect

Some interesting concepts today…




Setting a Bed Time Alarm (Science of Well-being Course Rewirement Week 4)

For Week 4 of the Science of Well-being course, the rewirement was to get more sleep, like maybe an extra half hour each night. More sleep, to some degree of sufficiency or a little excess, will boost your mood. Chronic lack of sleep also shortens your telomers, or ends of your DNA, that shortens lifespans, supposedly. It’s just not a good thing, let’s just say.

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