Watson and I

Image for Watson and I postcard story

Almost a year ago this month, I wrote my first “postcard stories” (500 words or fewer), for a contest by Geist magazine. I had submitted five entries, but could only show the pictures of the “postcards” I had chosen with my entries since I couldn’t publish the entries and still be eligible for judging. A year later, I found out I didn’t place first to third, but did get one postcard story short listed! A thrill for me being a new writer and someone who is consistently told he couldn’t write succinctly! Maybe not if I didn’t work hard at it, but I definitely can! Here is that postcard story, with the others to come soon. I hope you like it! Give it a chance. It’s only 500 words… including the title! 🙂

If you liked these postcard stories and wanted to see others I had submitted, please click here.

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