Harry Potter Facebook Tagging Meme

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Facebook Tagging Meme

    • Hi Perky, you right click the image and Save As somewhere, like your Desktop. In your FB profile, upload the photo from wherever you had saved the file. Click on Photos in your profile (at left), then click +Upload Photos in middle section, upper left. Then follow the prompt to choose your file from wherever you saved it. Then you can tag people once it’s uploaded. Hope that helps.

        • Hi Rea, best way to do this is probably to YouTube a video. Search “tag facebook friends” on Youtube.

          But if you want a written answer, try this. You right click on the picture and choose Save Image As. Put it on your desktop temporarily. In Facebook, upload the image as if it were a photo. Down the bottom left when you view it is “tag this photo”. Click that, and a cross-hair will appear. Put it over the character, click on it, and type in the name of the person. Usually, after a few letters, Facebook will guess which one you want so you only need that and then click on the choice. Have fun!

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