My Cosplay Library on Pinterest

My ever growing cosplay library on Pinterest exists to give cosplayers ideas on characters and/or variety on cosplays, and all viewers a chance to enjoy some great cosplays (and their photograph). I hope to achieve those purposes by showing:

  • A variety of characters, some of which a viewer may have never heard of.
  • Variations in specific cosplays, whether in style and/or materials used, so everybody doesn’t get stuck making cosplays that look mostly alike.
  • Great cosplays and photography.
  • All the above in an organized manner because organization is what separates this account from most other cosplay accounts, including some bigger ones.

The current organization structure, which Pinterest is terrible at empowering, goes something like the list below, by genre since I find people associate with genres of geekdom. This list is roughly the groupings of boards as you look left to right on each line and downward on the list of boards. Alphabetical order is found within the bullets for the groupings below.

  • Anime, manga and light novel series
  • Comic book characters
  • Games (board, role-playing, video) in franchises, with some sub-groupings of popular characters
  • Films, non-animated by films (everything from Star Wars to Alice in Wonderland)
  • Animated series, films or popular characters (from cartoons to movies to animations that are not anime)
  • TV series, non-animated by series (like Monster High and Sucker Punch)
  • Toys (a few toy exclusive toy franchises like Ken and Barbie)
  • Kid cosplays (great if you have kids, or just love adorable kid cosplays)
  • Mash-ups and mods by kind  (armoured, Rule 63 reverse gender, anime and steampunk modifications of cosplays)
  • Steampunk related (I need to better organize this section)
  • Miscellaneous for non-geek cosplays (composers) and other geeky things
  • Figures and statues (beautiful art but also accurate in details)
  • Geek inspired fashion, some useful tips
  • Unidentified cosplay board if you want a challenge while helping someone!

Many boards remain to be filled beyond a handful of pins currently there, and they will get filled. I eventually hope to have at least 50 pins per board, and over 300 boards by the end of 2013.

I hope you’ll tell others about it, come back to see more, and maybe even follow it if you have a Pinterest account!

Thank you for reading and enjoy! Please click here to go back to my Cosplay Library on Pinterest.

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