The Bling Days Resolution

In 2019, and most years prior to that, I spent money on about 75% of days, albeit not much on most occasions. In 2020, to cut down on those small purchases, I committed to spending money on fewer days than I did not money, or spending money on less than 50% of days during the year. But then came this COVID-19 thing, a lockdown with it, some excellent self-control, and I was hitting early targets of spending money on just 10% of days at one point in the spring! With that incredible burst out of the gates, I tried to balance enjoyment of life while not spending, and ended up spending money on 18.4% of days. That’s doesn’t include rent and automatic bill deductions for convenience, but it’s only a technicality because I could have paid them any number of days where I spent money, ahead of time if need be, but just didn’t for the convenience of saving time.

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