It’s Over Susan Boyle, Hollie Steel’s Got Your Number


Update from May 15, click here to share what Hollie Steel and Susan Boyle should sing next in Britain’s Got Talent in order to be better than the other!

From May 30, see Hollie’s semi-final and final performances.

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OH… MY… GOODNESS!!! Whatever’s in the water over there in Britain, the Americans could only wish they had the same thing going. Where the British keep finding some of these talents is beyond me but have a listen to what little 10 year old Hollie Steel does in her Britain’s Got Talent 2009 audition… especially the last notes in the song that she hits… and I mean HITS! Can you say, ree-DONK-u-lous???

Hollie Steel

Hollie Steel

Well, wait a minute. I take that all back. I actually have no words worthy of what I saw Hollie do in that video.

However, I had to come up with a story to blog and share this video because my superlatives weren’t good enough. So how’s about me making the call Hollie’s going to beat out Susan Boyle to win Britain’s Got Talent 2009 unless some even more amazing comes along? That might be hard to imagine but, hey, that was hard to imagine when Susan Boyle did her audition. You can leave your opininon in the poll below to agree or disagree with me if Hollie will win, but here’s my reasoning, psycho and social analysis, Siminh Cowell style! 😉

Let’s start with talent. After all, BGT is a talent show, right?

No contest. Hollie Steel could sing Susan Boyle out of the auditorium. Don’t get me wrong, I like Susan Boyle’s voice a lot, but she simply doesn’t have the power, dexterity, range, timbre or much of any other qualities by one gauges a voice that little Hollie does. This girl could sing the birds out of Britain, never mind Susan Boyle out of the auditorium! If there were no birds in Britain left next year, it won’t be because of climate change. They’ll have gone to where the singing competition weren’t nearly as tough!

Second, not in importance but what popped into my mind, appearance. Are you kidding me? Sure, the old spinster look is charming and refreshing among all those teenage pop stars and older ones who overdo their looks, but that can’t complete with an adorable 10 year old girl cuter than any button I’ve ever seen!

Third, expectations. Susan got the audience so riled up because initial expectations for her were below Hollie’s. People were so cynical towards Susan, which was what made her audition video so moving the way she turned them on a dime to be her supporters. Of course, Hollie dealt with cynicism towards her in the form of Simon Cowell flashing his hand just 15 seconds into her audition, ready to buzz out her out at 3:19 left in the video. But true to her name, she was solid steel to stand her ground. She did not so much as even flinch at the sight of his look and opened hand. She just waited for a few seconds till the music queued her in, opened her mouth, almost as if on queue to respond, and released a tsunami of a singing voice that startled Simon back in his place, with a shocked reaction on his face that was just priceless! But, in general, Hollie was a cute girl people were hoping to succeed from the start. Nobody likes to see a little girl get crushed publicly, and so the expectation change from start to end for Hollie wasn’t nearly as large as Susan’s. Just look at judge Kelly Brook‘s face light up at 3:54 remaining in the video when Hollie came out. Kelly was just enamoured with this girl throughout! However, next time out, the surprise will be gone for both. The audience will listen and they’ll look, to which I defer to my first and second arguments above in favour of Hollie.

Fourth, determination versus innocence. Susan Boyle knew she could “rock” that audience as she said in her audition video. It was a matter of people giving her the chance. She was going on determination, not innocence. She knew she was good, had recorded before and that it was her looks that stood in her way. Hollie Steel, meanwhile, “only entered in the competition so she did not feel left out when her 15 year old brother Josh also went for an audition”, according to the UK Telegraph. It may be easier to admire determination than innocence, but I argue it’s easier to fall in love with innocence. If BGT isn’t a talent contest, it certainly is a popularity contest. Hollie’s got talent, and she’s got love, doubly trumping Susan again. Besides, Simon’s already issued public warnings to Susan to focus on the contest and not get carried away with fame. Susan’s already lost her innocence. As for Hollie and determination, she’s got plenty, overcoming near death from pneumonia at the age of four!

Finally, voter demographics. Britain and the Western world are getting older. Susan Boyle’s got a lot more people in her age bracket (40-60 year olds) than 0-20 year olds in Hollie Steel’s age bracket, half of whom won’t likely be calling in much. However, last I checked, children, especially adorable little girls singing the birds to shame, rather loved by the general public. I think a lot of people Susan’s age will vote for Hollie the kid, hoping or having grandchildren of their own at their age. It’s all about the children at that age, not your fellow age groupers who are talking about failing body parts and new medication! And no, those few cowardly cyber bullies doing stupid things online dissing little Hollie, hiding behind their Internet covers, aren’t nearly enough to alter the votes. (see Sun story link below)

Right now, Susan Boyle is still the 1-2 favourite (The Sun, UK), but I’m going to step out and call it for Hollie barring a better candidate later.

Right or wrong, though, BGT 2009 has got me hooked! I will be following this year the rest of the way!

As for their American equivalents, I blogged just the other day asking what does America’s Got Talent, or American Idol, have to compete with Britain’s Got Talent seeing videos the likes of Connie Talbot, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle? The question becomes even more pressing now with Hollie Steel coming along! I’m starting to think those American shows should be called America Ain’t Got No Talent and American Idle! Go to the post questioning that talent and prove me wrong with some answers!

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What Does America’s Got Talent Have to Compete With Connie Talbot, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle?

Top to bottom: Connie Talbot, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle

Top to bottom: Connie Talbot, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle

Update from Apr 27 2009, you can add Hollie Steel to this list! WOW!

I do a lot of research for this blog. I want to take a rest today and let some readers share their knowledge and opinions on some content from America’s Got Talent, the American version of Britain’s Got Talent, or even American Idol.

I don’t watch any of those three shows, but Britain’s Got Talent videos the likes of Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Connie Talbot have managed to reach me (see videos below). They have amazed me, taken my breath away, made me cry, inspired me, and so on.

However, nothing from America’s Got Talent or American Idol seemed to have reached me… and YouTube is an American phenomenon! Why nothing from either show has reached me isn’t the point here, though.

What I want to know is what does America’s Got Talent (or American Idol) have to compete with the likes of the Britain’s Got Talent videos below of Connie Talbot, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle?

Tell me, because I’ve got no idea. I believe the best viral stuff on the Net works similar to a free market where the true best will make it to the top be better known. But if so, then America’s Got Talent and American Idol has nothing that comes close to the aforementioned videos from Britain’s Got Talent.

That is probably wrong, though, so please help me. Post a comment suggestion of some of America’s Got Talent’s best moments with a YouTube link. Or American Idol as well. Maybe your favourite moment/s is a good way to identify that choice?

Or can I be right that America’s Got Talent and American Idol don’t have anything that can compete with the viral videos below from Britain’s Got Talent? Somehow, I can’t imagine the Americans agreeing with that. But maybe the American hype machine has pretty much picked up everyone hitting the “good” level so as to leave nothing quite as stunning as some of those Britain’s Got Talent folks. We’ll see, I guess.

If you haven’t by chance seen any of these videos below, I would highly recommend you have a look. I think they’ll move you, probably a lot. They certainly moved me a lot.

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Connie Talbot on Britain’s Got Talent 2007

Connie made it to the finals and has also gone on to stardom, as Connie’s website shows or by searching her name on Google and YouTube. For all her various videos, there are over 80 million views… which Susan Boyle has yet to reach at time of posting, but has 2 more years to do that, which shouldn’t be a problem. There are some other great and charming videos of Connie, like:


Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent 2007

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Paul won the overall competition in 2007 and has gone on to stardom. See Paul’s website or just search his name on Google and YouTube and see what shows up. This video with Natasha Marsh shows Paul singing Verdi, and this one is a more polished Paul singing the same Nessun Dorma as above, but is formal and has no crowd electricity like the above one.


Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.