GSP a Nice Canadian Even While Pounding Penn at UFC 94

Canadian Georges St. Pierre (GSP) delivered a TKO on Hawaiian BJ Penn at UFC 94 Saturday night in Las Vegas. Yet, even while he was pounding the crap out of Penn, GSP showed typical nice and classy Canadian manners to implore the referee to stop the fight with 16 seconds left in the fourth round, after which the fight was stopped.

Georges St. Pierre (GSP)

Georges St. Pierre (GSP)

BJ Penn should really thank all the gods he knows of once he gets back to Hawaii. Leading up to the fight, Penn did a lot of trash-talking. Most notable for me was the comment “I’m going to try and kill you, Georges, and I’m not joking about that“. Well, BJ, you should be glad GSP took time amidst pummeling you to implore the referee to stop the fight for your sake. And he was right, too, cause the doctor agreed just 16 seconds later after the fourth round ended. Now you go back to your island, shut your yap and take some time to learn something about class from a fellow Hawaiian named Barack Obama. That could take a lifetime for you.

But GSP, you did us Canadians proud! You not only put an American with poor egonomics policies in his place. You let your “fists do the talking” as you said, cause you know actions speaks louder than words. But on top of that, you showed the world why us Canadians are so well loved the world over. You cared, and you didn’t let anything get in the way of that. For all Penn said of you, wanted to do to you and such, you did not let it get in the way of what was important and that was the well-being of others. Taking time out in the middle of a championship fight you clearly won to implore for stoppage out of concern for your opponent is absolutely classy “nice” Canadian mannerism at its best! There’s far more to you than just the tough fighter the world knows! That, if nothing else, will go far to justify your Canadian Athlete of the Year title voted by fans on Sportsnet in 2008.

Oh, just as a note for those curious. I did not see the fight, only highlights after. I find mixed-martial arts (MMA) a curiosity, but find it a bit too violent to watch.

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