Women at George Mason University Lost to Gay for Homecoming Queen

Ryan Allen, aka Reann Ballslee, George Mason Homecoming Queen 2009

Ryan Allen, aka Reann Ballslee, George Mason Homecoming Queen 2009

What would you think of a university that elected a gay drag queen as their homecoming queen?

Are they progressive and open-minded? Are the girls there that ugly? Do they have the best sense of humour in the world? Or do they just have the hottest drag queens in the country?

I don’t know, but I’ll tell you this. Those aren’t hypothetical questions any more. Last Saturday, George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, just elected Ryan Allen, aka Reann Ballslee, a size 12 pump gay drag queen as its Homecoming queen!

Ryan was supported by the theatre department, whose costume shop sewed him a green and gold bow (George Mason colours), to wear over his gold sequined top, black skirt and heels. He was voted in at a basketball game half-time event, on television, over two women also vying for the crown, so this was no freak result!

But talk about OUCH!!!

I wouldn’t want to be anybody expected to be giving therapy to those two women right about now. What would you say? What could you say???

As for GMU, I’ll say at least this much. They’re definitely open-minded and progressive! To actually let a drag queen in something like a beauty pageant the magnitude of university Homecoming Queen, which Americans take very seriously, is already open-minded. Having the theatre department support it and then actually winning it in a public vote is mind-blowing!

But good for them, and good for the university to officially state that it was “very comfortable with it” [spokesman Daniel Walsch].

Of course, among students, there were mixed reactions. Not everyone voted for Ryan, obviously. Many saw it as a symbol of inclusiveness in a school of about 30,000 where a third are minority. Whoa! Yeah. A third of the minority will get you a lot of underdog support! However, as usual, the press went looking for negative opinions and some bumbling idiot was Homecoming Dickhead Grant Bollinger. Supposedly defending GMU’s recent #1 national university to watch status by U.S. News & World Report, Grant said GMU should act like it and not do stupid things like electing a drag queen for homecoming queen. More accurately:

“It’s really annoying. The game was on TV. Everyone was there. All eyes were on us. And we do something like this? It’s just stupid.”

And this guy worked as an ambassador for GMU’s admissions office???

Hey, Grant! Who do you think just did more damage to your university’s #1 reputation?

Maybe they should retitle your position as embarr-ass-ador to the admissions office!

As for Ryan, or rather Reann, s/he was in tears after winning after deciding to enter the contest as a joke, a last hurrah in his senior year after “coming out” in his freshman high school year and facing taunts then.

“It was just for fun. In the larger scheme of things, winning says so much about the university. We’re one of the most diverse campuses in the country, and . . . we celebrate that.”

Yes, and you should! Way to go and congratulations, BIG TIME!

Where are those taunters now? Can anybody hear their voices?

Finally, about the girls at GMU who were the quality of Reann’s competion. Unfortunately, I can’t fairly comment on that. I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia and can’t afford a plane trip to get there to check them out… not that I am inclined to take one after knowing Reann won, as much as I respect Reann’s beauty. I didn’t remember their cheerleaders being ugly or anything negative, though, when GMU’s basketball team made a fabled huge #11 underdog run to the Final Four in 2006. When I acted as a pervert for this story’s coverage and Googled images associated with “girls women george mason university”, I saw a lot of logos and guys and other stuff among a few pictures of women. For what it’s worth, the Google algorithms didn’t rank many photos with “girls george mason university” very high. That’s the extent of the research I can do. Perhaps someone could provide better quality journalism on the matter.

Sources: Washington Post

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