Don’t Buy Enviro-Friendly Cell Phone Unless Needed!

On January 2nd, Fast Company Magazine posted leak it obtained about Motorola‘s new eco-friendly Renew MOTO W233 cell phone. The cell is shown below right courtesy of Fast Company’s picture as no product was, of course, yet available on Motorola’s website.

Motorola Renew Moto W233 enviromentally friendly cell phone

Motorola Renew Moto W233 enviromentally friendly cell phone

Quoting from Motorola’s public relations spin:

“Exclusively from T-Mobile, the environmentally responsible MOTO W233 Renew is uniquely designed to reduce environmental impact by using sustainable materials in its design and packaging while at the same time delivering performance and quality customers rely on.”

That’s all great and dandy, as Fast Company says, but Fast Company focused on how this cell phone was fugly, a civilized amalgamation of f*cking ugly, for those of you not familiar with the term. Judge for yourself!

What I want to focus on, though, is to assert a bit of reasoning. I want to ask all the overzealous environmentalists, green wann-a-bes, think-I-bes and pretend-to-bes, to refrain from getting this phone unless they really need it. Cell phones are being lost, damaged and just rid of for “fashion” and/or “status” statements enough as they were. People don’t need to be ridding themselves of more cell phones just to get a more enviro-friendly one!

The time will come when each cell phone owner might need a new cell phone. When it does, please do consider green options, which is not an endorsement for the Renew MOTO W233 as I don’t know how green it really is. However, please refrain from getting any cell phone until you need it.

The Renew MOTO W233 is due out February 4th.

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