If I Could Have One Super Power…

This is a common question asked for the fun of things, to test out people, and so on. Unfortunately, it has way too many common answers as well. Some want to fly. Some want to be super strong. Some want to be fast. Some want to have X-ray vision, though I’ve always thought an obligatory why should be asked with such an answer.

I’ve never thought much about this question over the years because I have always wanted to fly. However, after 30+ years of living and some insight into the world, I believe I have my answer for life, and it’s a one word answer.

I want to have the power to redistribute.

That’s a pretty weird answer, I must say. Don’t ever try that in a bar if you ever hope to pick up or get picked up by anyone normal, even if they’re not drunk, or drunk. However, think about this.

If I could have the power to redistribute, I could manipulate matter in any way I’d like by redistributing their molecular, atomic, sub-atomic, elementary particles. I’d make that powerful villain in the X-men movies, Magneto, who could manipulate metal, look inadequate. By the way, the X-men Origins movie of Magneto may be coming out in 2012.

But more than the ability to manipulate matter, the ability to redistribute is powerful, and insightful, to me because one of the things I have observed in life so far is that there is more than enough of everything good to go around. It’s just not distributed right. There’s more than enough money for everybody. There’s more than enough food and water for everybody. There’s more than enough happiness for everybody, well, if you give sufficient quantity to those who deserve it. It’s just poorly distributed.

To have the power of redistribution would correct all that. I’d be able to spread the money around, the happiness around, the food and water around. I’d also be able to disperse the pains, the sadness, and other such intangibles. Being able to manipulate matter means I could also redistribute excess water, rocks, pollution and all.

And it’s just as simple as having the power to redistribute!

Now, what would I call myself? Redistribution Man? Hahaha!

Of course, every super hero would have to have a critical weakness. Well, Redistribution Man would be prone to time. With power comes responsibility, and with that much power, unfortunately, one would never have enough time to put the power to full potential usage.

Ah, a hero with a tragedy. Or many tragedies. Just the way I like it.

So what super power would you choose if you could have one?

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.1


Get an iPhone to Judge Coldplay versus Satriani Plagiarism


Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani

Guitarist Joe Satriani and his lawyer are going to be serving Coldplay official legal notice of his intent to sue Coldplay over plagiarism at the Grammy Award weekend. Coldplay’s Viva La Vida supposedly has some close similarities to Satriani’s If I Could Fly. See videos at the end to see and hear for yourself. However, Satriani and his lawyer will not be serving the papers Grammy Awards night as had been previously reported. That would have been a brilliant move, I thought, even if very cold play, for lack of a better description.

What I want to know is why a judge is really needed for this court case?

Has anyone tried to see if the Apple iPhone’s Audio Recognition application could make the call? Please let me know if you have!

To me, the two songs have core parts to them so similar I’d bet the iPhone‘s Audio Recognition application could make the call if it had the two pieces of music and dates for which came first!

If someone is reading this with an iPhone and the conditions mentioned above for valid testing exists, please try it out and let me know! I’m dying to know!



But my point here is it’s a no brainer! I’m an amateur musician and an avid music listener. I know the nature of music well enough to make an informed decision on how close something might be for copyright infringement. Of course, that’s not always easy, but this one is… and you don’t need to be a musician to decide.

The first short video below makes the case pretty well to highlight the main passages. It’s only a short video because EMI, Coldplay’s record label, somehow managed to convince YouTube to pull other such comparison videos for comparison. Those videos had millions of views, apparently, to the mere 292K one below. But EMI, being a music distributor who’s had to face the power of the Internet for years now, was still too stupid to realize it could remove it all and keep it all off YouTube.

Even some groups of idiots never learn.

You go, Joe!!!

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 8.2


Joe Satriani vs Coldplay Controversy


Joe Satriani – If I Could Fly


Coldplay – Viva La Vida