Do You Think Vancouver 2010 was the Best Winter Olympics Ever?

At every Olympics closing ceremony of late, there seems to be a moment of anticipation to see whether or not the president of the International Olympics Committee will say it is the “best Olympics” yet. It is a legacy of former President Juan Antonio Samaranch not to be repeated by current president, Jacques Rogge (Xinhua News, with thanks to a reader who corrected me).

However, that expectation is still there, as it was in Beijing (see Xinhua story). There was a quiet, disappointing murmur of the otherwise raucous crowd at the Closing Ceremonies when Jacques Rogge only called these Games “excellent” and “friendly”. “Best ever” or not, “friendly” and “excellent” weren’t good enough for the otherwise generally easy to satisfy Canadians.

Sure, there were some issues at these games. However, they were glitches compared to major issues that happened at some of the other games. Bigger, more deliberate stuff, that had far greater consequences. However, that’s politics for you.

I’m sure if Rogge waited till Shatner did his updated “I AM CANADIAN!” speech, though, and the rest of the comedy in our Canadian sense of humour shown in the Closing Ceremonies, Rogge might have strengthened his adjectives to describe these games. Btw, here’s , if you didn’t know. 🙂

One thing I can say for sure, the 2010 Closing Ceremonies were DEFINITELY the BEST EVER with the humour added to all the glitz and glory otherwise!!!

Now, nobody expects the Olympics to go over without glitches and issues, but it seems some were more political and deliberate issues than others. Look at China’s Internet censorship and continued human rights abuses, among other promises it made that it never lived up to, in or since, the 2008 Olympics. It was just political maneuverings typical of the Chinese government that was to be expected. Not surprisingly, its constant smoke and mirrors deceit stretched to choosing a girl to lip sync during the opening ceremonies because she looked prettier than the one who actually sang the piece who could have been there.

These are bigger and more deliberate issues, with real and symbolic ramifications, that are different than glitches nobody can do much about. I have a lot more trouble reconciling those deliberate situations than stuff like broken hydraulics or lack of snowfall from an unpredictable El Nino oscillation in weather situations that started last August. Mind you, the fact one torch branch didn’t come up during the opening ceremonies was pretty embarrassing. When the world was watching, we couldn’t get it up! ()

At these Olympics, it’s widely known the British have been trashing it. The Russians have called this the “cursed Olympics”, but it was more about their lack of results. But all that said, and all else done, Jacques Rogge adjectives or otherwise, do you think the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was the best Winter Olympics ever?


Do You Agree with Canada’s Choice of Joannie Rochette as Flag Bearer in the Vancouver Olympics Closing Ceremonies?

Joannie Rochette

Somebody has come to their senses since Saturday when the Canadian Press was widely reporting Charles Hamelin as our Canadian flag bearer for the 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies. I have revised the story. Poll is still at the bottom as to who you thought should have carried our flag.


Canada had a plethora of amazing choices from which to choose as closing ceremonies:

  • Alexandre Bilodeau — first gold medal for Canada on home soil that’s been awaited for a long time. He was a surprise winner in the freestyle ski. He also had one of the most memorable Olympics moment in 2010, with the hug for his brother Frederic who has cerebral palsy but who is his hero.
  • Maëlle Ricker — first ladies gold, not the favoured one, 3rd Olympics. She’s also had 8 knee operations if you want to talk about winning in the face of adversity. She also seemed to be the vote according to the Canadian Press. She’s also local from Squamish, BC.
  • Clara Hughes — bronze medalist to become Canada’s greatest Olympian medalist, Winter and Summer Olympics medals, wrapping up her career.
  • Joannie Rochetteco-winner of the Terry Fox award. It was athletes who endured personal tragedies at the climax of their Olympic careers, only to press on against seemingly insurmountable odds to win medals, being the ultimate embodiment of the best in the human spirit. Despite the sudden unexpected death of her Mother to deal with days before her competition, she performed and carried the Canadian nation for five days. That was also after that dreadful middle weekend where so many athletes did not attain their projected results, including Charles Hamelin on a couple of occasions. Of course, Joannie got a bronze medal to go with it. She’s also got French heritage to match Charles for the Francophones who didn’t think there were enough French representation in the games.

There are other outstanding candidates, like the women’s hockey team. The men’s hockey team still had their final results to be determined so they were not in contention.

If anyone were deserving, though, I think Joannie Rochette was. I think she embodies what this country and its people are all about with her performance at these winter Olympics. I would have pretty much put everybody else on that list above before Charles. I don’t know what that story on Charles Hamelin carrying the flag was all about, or who was propagating it, but that would have been worse than the ice skating judging nonsense over Plushenko and Lysacek.

Let Charles carry Marianne St Gelais at the Closing Ceremonies! They’re wildly in love and she’s REALLY adorable! 🙂


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 8.6

Canadian Olympic Torch Needed Viagra

At the Closing Ceremonies, an impromptu adjustment was made so that it started out with a mime fixing the fourth torch that did not come up in the Opening Ceremonies… and Catriona LeMay Doan got to light it!

You gotta love that about us Canadians. We can make fun of ourselves like nobody else. And we believe in second chances. That’s what makes us so lovable! 🙂


At the end of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, four torches were supposed to have come up, but the hydraulics broke and only three did. That’s not a metaphor to set up the joke, my friends. The hydraulics really broke!

How embarrassing! The world was watching and we couldn’t get it up!

Where was the Viagra when you need it?

Let the jokes begin!

For the record, Rick Hansen, Catriona LeMay Doan, Steve Nash, Nancy Greene and Wayne Gretzky were the final carriers, in that order. All but Rick Hansen were supposed to have lit a torch. But because one torch did not rise to the occasion, Catriona LeMay Doan was left standing.

She sure looked pretty with the torch in hand, though. 😉