Transformers Movie Buddy Icons, Avatars and Profile Pics for Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace and Other Applications

Full icon size

Full-sized icon

These are pics from the Transformers movies which I found online and have resized to be used as avatars, buddy icons and profile pictures in any number of applications requiring them. However, I have made the pictures to be 256 pixels wide, and at least that high so as to be big enough for Facebook and MySpace Profile pictures, while not being excessive.

Please note that the square icons, marked with SQ at the end of their names, are more universally usable than the ones not square. That is because even in applications like Facebook, you can have profile pics of any proportion, but the way your pics appear in other people’s newsfeeds, is square. I tried to make as many square in shape, without wasting too much icon real estate, as possible, for this purpose.

To get an avatar:

  • Click on the thumbnail you want to get it at full size
    (there is NO grey trim on the downloadable picture).
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook or other profiles.
  • Click the Back button on your browser to come back to here or click the thumbnails below the picture to move on to the next picture.
  • Come back another day whenever you feel like using a new one, or download them all now!
  • Please click here for a complete list of avatars, buddy icons and themed Facebook profile pictures on this site (see blue header near bottom of destination page).

Come back every once in a while to get a new one and “transform” your online image! It is the Transformers, after all! Enjoy!

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Harry Potter Pictures for Facebook and MySpace Profiles, Twitter Buddy Icons and Avatars

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Just in time for the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Someone created a great poster of 20 Harry Potter character sketches. I broke it apart and optimized the individual drawings to be 256 pixels wide that is optimal for Facebook profile pictures.

From having created one of the Harry Potter Facebook friends tagging meme posters back in March, I also have some small photos of Harry Potter characters. These are only 156 pixels wide, the odd size being to fit into that poster. However, they can still serve many applications like Twitter, WordPress and other blogs, etc. Please just note that with most icons and avatars, a square shape is desired, typically 128 pixels squared or less. If you use the ones I have provided below, there may be some cutting off or cropping. However, I think most people will be OK because the face will be captured well, and that’s what matters most.

To get the icons, please:


Credits: The original illustrations below were done by Gemma Wilson of Perth, Australia, aka Snapesnogger on Fanart and DeviantArt.

40 Hello Kitty and Sanrio Buddy Icons and Avatars for Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, Blogs and Other Uses

Back on Feb 25 2009, I created a Hello Kitty / Sanrio collage for Facebook tagging meme games. In creating it, I had to collect a whole bunch of images of the characters. I was missing a few, as told to me by Commenter Jenna M. But since I have gone to find them (and discovered a few more!) and have them, here they are for your use! And Jenna M., whoever you are, this one’s for you! 🙂

These are 256 x 256 pixels, which is large enough for most icons and avatar requirements. They’ve been resized, colour enhanced to have a bit more “punch”, and had as much pixelation as possible. This set is more complete than the Hello Kitty / Sanrio site. It has larger icons as they have 228 x 228 pixels and mine are 256×256. And these have better colour quality. Given all that, I dare say this is the best Hello Kitty / Sanrio collection of avatars and buddy icons on the Internet! You try and find as good an avatar as some of the ones here unless people steal them, which I know they will. But that’s OK. I’m all for sharing. Quite shockingly, for something as popular as Hello Kitty / Sanrio, I could hardly find anything for some characters among all the Google results. I had to drastically improve what was present for some characters to make them as good as they are here!

To get the icons, please:


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