New Orleans Saints Win a Much Needed Super Bowl

New Orleans Saints

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on winning the Super Bowl! They played well and deserved it completely. A big interception thrown by Peyton Manning returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter spelled the end for the Colts, but I think the way the Saints marched down the field easily in the second quarter meant the Colts had to be flawless because anything less meant the Saints would capitalize on it. That’s when I thought the Colts were first in trouble.

More importantly with the Super Bowl win, congratulations to the people of New Orleans. They really needed this one, cause I’d hate to have seen the next week there if the Saints had lost. I know they had a parade planned whether the Saints won or not, but it’d have been a downer, and further propagated the team’s image for not being able to win the big one. Now, I wonder if New Orleans native Peyton Manning will be attending that Super Bowl party. It’d almost feel like he would have to given it’s his true home town. His Dad probably has to since Archie played for the Saints and is a key part of their history. How awkward, eh?

As a side plot, what a fantastic story for Drew Brees! As Kurt Warner retires, the NFL needs a new Cinderella story and Drew Brees stepped up for it.

Finally, looks like the “wisdom of crowds” theory held up on my poll of who would win the Super Bowl in 2010. Despite New Orleans being underdogs, the vote was 52% Saints to 48% Colts out of 297 votes. Way to go, folks!

As for me, I am a Colts fan and it is hard to take. However, the Saints were my #2 team in being my NFC team. It’s not as hard to take, the loss, with my #2 team winning, like it might have been if some other team had beaten the Colts in the playoffs, like the Patriots or Chargers.

Now, that Saints hat I’ve got that is going to be some commodity in Halifax, Nova Scotia! 🙂

But really, let’s hope New Orleans get something more real to cheer about than this Super Bowl that will only lift the people’s spirits, not repair their homes, get them back their jobs, and so on.

Enjoy the thrill, New Orleans! You definitely deserved this one!

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Did the Super Bowl XLIV Half Time Show Suck or What?

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Is it me, or was the singing of Who’s performance at the Super Bowl half-time was so bad that they’d have been thrown out of any bar for it?

Sure, they are the Who.
Sure, it’s the Super Bowl.
Sure, there were lots of lights and a fantastic stage.

But could any of that compensate for the poor singing?

They couldn’t even sing, for crying out loud! Close your eyes and tell me that was a good performance. Listen and tell me if you heard that from a cover band, you’d give them the thumbs up.

It was a good day for lip synching, let me tell you!

How disappointing! Good waste of money!

I’m posting this before the show is even over! That’s how bad it was!

Let’s not get fooled again!