Should We Tax Robots Taking Away Jobs?

Bill Gates said last winter that he thought robots taking away human jobs should be taxed.

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If I Taught my Robots to Draw, Will Its Art Be More Valuable than Mine?

Theoretical question worth pondering before testing later, cause you know it’ll only be time before robots can produce art as a common activity like it is for humans now. They can produce art already, but not as common as you or I could just go draw, paint and such.

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A Transportation Fare Proposal for AI Robots

Robots with artificial intelligence able to accompany us are already among us. Look at Pepper and NAO Next Gen below as two examples you can buy, even if not any place in the world and a bit expensive. They are commercially available is my point. So what if they got on a bus, or a plane? What will they be charged for fares? I’ve got a simple proposal!

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