Happy St Patrek’s Day!

I was in a St Patrick’s Day Parade with Hal-Con, the Halifax Comic Con group. For it, I created this Star Trek, the Next Generation jacket.

It is triple layered with pant weight, fleece and broadcloth on the outside. The dark green was a fourth layer. As it turned out, I needed all the layers as it was -8 C during the parade! I put jeweled shamrock in place of the Trek insignia, and had pips on during the parade with pointed ears.

“Red shirts get killed. Green shirts get lucky.”

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My LINCOLN Vampire Hunting Jacket

This was supposed to have been a prototype for my winter Matrix coat, for fit. However, I got what I wanted out of it part way through, fitting the top properly, so I improvised some design to it rather than the all black Matrix coat. Next thing I knew, I got a coat I couldn’t let go and ended up with what I call my vampire hunting jacket for its strategically placed silver highlights, by which vampires would be repelled.

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FLOWER Dress: Vogue V1047 Dress Pattern Wasn’t Vogue Enough for Me

Last winter, I was involved in a sewing and fashion challenge with the Atlantic Sewing Guild. Lots of people brought in fabrics from their stash to contribute. A couple of people bundled them together in some way that didn’t quite go together well, to create the challenge with that bundle. Different weights, odd colours, no colour, small pieces, etc. were among the challenges with each bundle. Participants then drew numbers to determine order to “draft” a bundle, and then it was up to everyone to make something from their bundle. Here’s what I started and ended up with.

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