My Animatrix Winter Coat

One of the first patterns I ever tried sewing was Simplicity 5386, which was the duster coat copy from one of my favourite movies, The Matrix. Nice pattern. Horrible sizing. There was so much ease in the pattern I could have fitted a woman inside it along with myself, which would have been great for another type of garment but I digress…

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New Orleans Saints Designer Fleece Jacket

This is the New Orleans Saints fleece jacket I just completed. A full zipper up jacket lined with anti-static Bemberg fleece so I won’t get electrocuted wearing it, and not just a fleece vest unlined like so much fleece wear you find. The project was the most inefficient and challenging I’ve taken up to date because I was trying too many new things at the same time. Continue reading

My LINCOLN Vampire Hunting Jacket

This was supposed to have been a prototype for my winter Matrix coat, for fit. However, I got what I wanted out of it part way through, fitting the top properly, so I improvised some design to it rather than the all black Matrix coat. Next thing I knew, I got a coat I couldn’t let go and ended up with what I call my vampire hunting jacket for its strategically placed silver highlights, by which vampires would be repelled.

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