Definition: Compassionate Truth Bomb

Compassionate Truth Bomb

A fact spoken in clear, easy to understand terms and without bias, with purpose, not just intent, to help somebody recognize something they are not.

  • Term from Lori Gottleib in podcast linked below, definition of “truth bomb” from Urban Dictionary, and explanation paraphrased from Lori’s talk below.


I’ll have to remember this term the next time I offer “tough love” advice, whether or not engaging in ultracrepidarianism lol (see November 2nd’s definition post for that).


Definition: Wise and Idiot Compassion

Wise Compassion

Compassion in the form of information someone does not want to hear, but needs to hear, at a time that’s tough for them, about whatever the information needs to be. This is the opposite of “idiot compassion”, which is compassion to agree with whatever someone is not happy about, as if to be supportive, when it does them no good because they had brought it upon themselves.


Idiot compassion is practiced by too many. That includes me in times when I’m just not up for the fight, or deem someone else could show the wise compassion more effectively as I don’t have enough credibility with the person to do so… so why do it if I’d only get negative outcomes out of it? Usually, if I thought there were just enough of a realistic chance, never mind a fully realistic change, someone might listen to me give wise compassion, I’m actually up for the challenge.

Definition: Ultracrepidarianism


The habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.


Wow. Where was this word in my life 40 years ago??? For, both, me and others I know! Pretty much everybody’s been guilty at this at some point. It’s a matter of how much rather than having done it or not.

This will be a useful word for me for the rest of my life. It’s just too bad it’s so hard to say! I’ll remember it with the “ultra” bit, meaning going beyond. Then “crepi” is like scope creep to go beyond, so it’s like beyond going beyond. As for the “darianism”? Well, “how dare you” offer me advice on something outside of your knowledge??? 😉

From the podcast below, which is nice for other matters of getting out of ruts from stories you tell yourself, not ultracrepidarianism… which is not in the WordPress blogging platform’s spellcheck dictionary, I see. 🙂