Flags and Visual Arts on This Blog in 2023

Another year, and another set of interests for me. These should last for a while, though, as they come in a new phase in my life where I will be able to dedicate more time to them, and have chosen them more carefully after having tried them out last year. I am also enjoying them more in being happier in life than I have been in a long time, if not ever. Last year, I finally stopped the slow spiral into a black hole I had let myself and my life spiral into over the past handful of years, reversing course just before I hit the event horizon. I made some lifestyle adjustments, immersed myself into these and other interests, and am now back on track to being the best version of myself.

My current two big interests I can write about and show are flags, or vexillology in more specific terms, and visual arts involving paint, like painting and pouring. In each, I plan to be learning from the past, and innovating in the future with it, as is my tendency with anything I do to involve some of my favourite things to do, learn and be creative. I have made some good forays into each already, and surrounded myself with supportive people, some well establish on national and global stages. With their guidance and support, I hope to start making meaningful contributions to the fields soon, and share here. With any journey, though, especially one with innovation, there will also be failures and lessons learned. To be fair, I’ll share those as well.

Pending how I feel about things, I may also share some entries from my phantastical running journal that I dictate to my tablet after runs while I consume my post run recovery food. My running is a good indicator of how my life is, and I not only ran more mileage, but also faster paces, last year than in a decade. This despite a nagging heel injury I am starting to make my way out of after help from medical professionals could not help.

For current subscribers, thank you for having stayed with me through all the quiet times in recent years as I did other things to turn my life around. I hope you’ll like my new interests, or want to learn more about them to stay. And welcome to all new subscribers, to come, of course. Whether current or future subscriber, though, if you have any constructive feedback, please do share!

Thank you and I look forward to sharing my new joys with you in 2023 and beyond!




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