OneLove Hairdos on Players at Qatar World Cup?

The OneLove armbands have all but been practically banned by FIFA and its overlords at the World Cup in Qatar.

But what if some players were to sport hairdos with the same logo and visual?

Would FIFA extend the ban to hairdos that is part of a person rather than something they put on outside of official uniforms, or modify on official uniforms?

I understand this is Qatar, where it might be hard to find a hairstylist to create such a hairdo if one wanted one, for political reasons and not lack of skill. However, with all the money and resources teams and football federations have, they surely could find someone to do it if some player were willing to sport it.

With some teams already eliminated and group games still left, some teams and players would have nothing to lose, while still salvaging from this tournament in making such a protest statement. Maybe even warm up and start the game with a tuque or bandana, then reveal it soon after the action starts, or perhaps as they go do a throw in where the attention is squarely on them. They could even wear the armband under their sleeve and reveal it then, for that matter, on the same risk level.

I wonder if anyone would be up for either task.

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