https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/I’m making so many changes in my life I can hardly control it all! Despite changes documented here, here, here, and here, that’s actually only about half of all the changes I’ve actually initiated, on my own or in response to other things going on in my life! That includes a change in poetry writing style after 1870 poems, and embracing modern poetry in a new blog for the symbolism and freedom… and one which I just changed the name for a third  time in a week, but for which I have finally found the perfect name, or at least almost perfect name!

I was feeling uninspired. No. I was actually uninspired, when I first created my new poetry blog a week ago and had to submit a subdomain to WordPress. Of course, “modern poetry”, what the blog was about, was taken eons ago in internet time. Feeling so uninspired, but knowing I could change the subdomain later, I went for the as uncreative as could be “moderna poetry”. I didn’t have to call my blog that, without need to match the subdomain name, but uninspired as I was, I went with it.

A few days later, I went through my lists of new terms I learned last year and this year. About 4500 terms last year, and over 400 so far this year on a much different learning routine, all documented on my Twitter account. This year, I had tagged certain terms as being “cool”, whereas last year i had not, to make searching for cool terms learned last year that much more tedious, on which I gave up not too long into the search. From this year, though, I pulled out “inverse charisma”, which is the ability to bring more out of people than they thought they realized of themselves, especially charisma but not necessarily limited to that. It was first used to describe the writer E.M. Forster, and more recently used by work psychologist Adam Grant in his new book, Think Again. It had some resonance, with my newfound appreciation for modern poetry, and embracement of it, owed to reading Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey. Yet, that was too niche and personal to me that it didn’t sit well, either. But since I had no other ideas, inverse charisma it was.

A few days after that, I decided to go back to the first instinctive name I had, as uninspired as I thought it was, “unstructured”, because it pretty much said it all about my new poetry format, and the blog format with full poems on the home, search results, or menu linked pages, consisting of 12 poems of varying lengths each. It was something random readers could “get” without me telling them anything, unlike inverse charisma. unstructured was a practical name, though, not an inspired one, but I preferred it to “obscure, marginally inspired” inverse charisma.

Fortunately for me, that lasted only a few days until today, when I found what could be the perfect name! Meteorologically, a microburst is a bunch of strong and sudden downbursts of wind and rain in a thunderstorm cell. These are quite something, as the video below show, from where I learned of the term!


Whatever microbursts might be on the weather front, phonetically, it sounded like small bursts of speech, and/or words, and a word that could describe the poems of Emily Dickinson and Rupi Kaur, my favourite poet and among my favourite poet, respectively. While that would be a big exaggeration to describe my new attempt at modern poetry, that are about “microfizz”, with the occasional “microspark” level right now, I thought it could be aspirational to where I would like to get my modern poetry writing to one day. Additionally, while out of context of weather, I think a lot of readers looking at my relatively short poems would “get” why I have that name for my modern poetry, without me having to explain much… so I won’t on the blog. It was a name that was practical, inspired, and aspirational! Really, who could ask for more?

Now the only thing was to decide if I’d called it simply microbursts, or microbursts poetry? The inclusion of poetry would only be good for search engines and traffic, but for which I intentionally designed the blog not to gather views from the lack of requirement to click through any posts to read it all. Inclusion of poetry would be redundant, in other words, so I am opting to just go with microbursts.

As for that search engine optimization benefit of including poetry in the blog name, I could still do that in the blog tagline, and the subdomain name, as it turned out. Not surprisingly, at this stage in the blogging timeline, pretty much all sorts of cool words, or just any word, has been used up. In my case, both microburst and its plural, microbursts, had long been taken (2008 and 2011), but neither ever used with blogs of no real posts, only one default post provided. So sad. But it might be a blessing in disguise, because with the microburstspoetry subdomain being available, I could keep the redundant sounding poetry out of the blog name, while getting benefits from the presence of the subdomain that would be far less “visible” to readers and visitors to the blog.

So yes, after just a day of introducing my new, modern poetry blog to readers here, and a few days of another name, after a few days with an initial name, my modern poetry blog has a new name. However, this one’s sticking! microbursts – a man’s attempt at modern poetry



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