My Tangible Resolutions Checklist

I have completed compiling my resolutions list for myself, though it will be a few more days by the time I get them transferred to here for documentation. That’s because I did them by hand like I said should be done in the Resolutions Planner I created and shared. Looking at my list, most are habit oriented, like sleeping so much so often (that is a challenge for the active me), intermittent fasting, spending frequency, and so on. They don’t really yield a tangible outcome on their own, but rather support one, if at all. While that may be great, to have a healthy me, money in the bank, and so on, the results aren’t directly the sole outcomes of these efforts, and even how much for attribution would be debatable. Fear not, no, fret not, no frown not? I still have some tangible outcomes on my resolutions list, and they are like checklist style items that many resolutions are like for most people.

  1. Join the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS) as part of my two year journey into creative writing (doing Tuesday to coincide with groceries and spending day).
  2. Self-publish at least two books on Amazon, though possibly neither under my own name for reasons other than anything to do with controversy. One book will be mostly editing, while the other will be editing and completion of a manuscript I wrote for the Three Day Novel Writing Contest in 2019, which’s judging got disrupted by COVID in the spring of 2020. But that’s why there might be a third book that’s basically my currently life strategy. Due to numerical limitations and effort required, I will have to set:
    • Gold standard = 3 books published
    • Silver = 2
    • Bronze = N/A
  3. Enter at least 12 writing competitions and/or calls for content. That’s one per month, on average, but may mostly happen in the latter half of the year after I get some writing foundation and content. I will start looking and planning soon, though. I am hoping it will be more, but that will depend on what I will find to which I might care to submit something. With the minimum being 12 contests entered, I will have to work upwards to Gold standard, but won’t make them much tougher as that will be a lot of entries if they’ll be in the second half of the year, mostly:
    • Gold standard = 16 writing competitions  and/or calls for content submissions
    • Silver standard = 14
    • Bronze standard = 12
  4. Read at least 12 books. This is another thing to do for my writing journey, to learn about good writing from exposure to it. I rarely read books any more. Rather, I mostly website articles, though not news doomscrolling. It’s been a few years since I’ve read a full book, though that year, I read at least a dozen in about half a year so I know I can do this. Again, with the 12 being the minimum, I will have to work upward to Gold standard, though every extra book will be a struggle here so it’s a minimal increase for each level:
    • Gold standard = 14 books
    • Silver standard = 13 books
    • Bronze standard = 12 books
  5. Read at least 52 book samples. This one will sound odd but one great thing about Amazon books is you can download a sample to read, the way you could do that in a book store. I always get samples when I hear people recommending books and they convince me those books are worth looking into. From my lack of book reading in recent years, I am looking to decrease by sample library of 118 (from past 3 years) by a chunk in 2021. Let’s hope I don’t end up taking on many more from being around writing and writers more as part of my writing journey! If so, I might have to create an additional resolution to end up with a net reduction of book samples by end of 2021, whatever that takes rather than some value like 52 set here! As for standards:
    • Gold standard = 60 book samples read
    • Silver standard = 56
    • Bronze standard = 52
  6. Take at least two online genetics courses. The idea is that one will be at high school level and one at first year university level, though I may just do the latter with a high school biology equivalent once I do more research. Genetics is the topic I want to level up my knowledge in this year. It was word art history in 2020. With technologies like CRISPR, gene drives, and wanting to know more about my 23andme results still, including for a few personal genotyping inspired art projects, I should get the full picture of genetics rather than piecemeal learning that I’ve been doing over the years. I’m not sure where I’ll do my courses yet. I see Khan Academy doesn’t have a genetics curriculum, but rather part of biology, which I know I’ll also need to know for this, so I may need to look to Coursera, edX, or other platforms. Any recommendations readers have would be greatly appreciated. And like resolution #2 on this list for books published, numerical constraints basically leaves me with the following for standards:
    • Gold = 3 genetics courses taken
    • Silver = 2
    • Bronze = N/A
  7. Sew at least 26 items, with most being garments. That’s an average of one every 2 weeks. They’re not generic, which is why they’ll take time, and it’s not my number one passion these days. I’ve succeeded and failed at this in past years, more fail than succeed recently, but I have some new motivations that may make this a success year. And since lots of efforts will be required for this, the standards above the minimum will be minimal:
    • Gold standard = 30 items sewn, mostly garments
    • Silver standard = 28 items sewn
    • Bronze standard = 26 items sewn
  8. Paint at least 12 paintings. That’s one per month, of course. I’m not good at painting, and am too ambitious and judgmental of my own work for my own good. I have to learn to put the latter aside and go for it, trying to produce what I want, failing and redoing to improve, rather than thinking each painting is a one time effort only. I will do other techniques practice on the side, but I will go for my ideas because that will be deliberate practice to get me working on exactly what I want. Given the effort this will take, standards above the minimum are also of minimal difference:
    • Gold standard = 14 paintings completed
    • Silver standard = 13
    • Bronze standard = 12
  9. Learn to invest money in index funds. I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years now, but had not gotten myself around to it due to procrastination with the banks. This will be the year I break free of some of them. Now I just need to wait until the next stock market crash to jump in and buy at a small discount, essentially. 🙂


Other things I have in mind are out of my control, like actual running races with friends and competitors side by side, and not these virtual challenges. The jury is equally out on marathon training, which will also depend on how my intermittent fasting goes or is practical towards that. So pending what happens, I might be adding other tangible checklist items.

Anybody got any ideas they think I should try seeing this know and knowing some of what I’m trying to achieve?

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