One Line Art for Stitching Exercises, Tattoos, Cake Deco, Whatever

I recently received a few Kuratake brush pens and decided to try them out doing some line art. Instead of trying to replicate some that I don’t care for, or create some that I’m not good at right now, I compromised to turn some multi-stroke line art I saw into some one line art pieces. A few I just liked and replicated in my own freehand for my version.

The nice thing about line art is it’s easy to replicate and use in many forms, including forms that is hard to do gradients in like cake decorating. Among the things I can think of for using line art are:

  • Tattoos
  • Machine stitching exercises (stitch over line art on paper over thread)
  • Cake and food decorations
  • Embroidery
  • Embossing on whatever you can emboss
  • Etching on whatever you can etch
  • Tracing exercises for coordination or muscle control therapy

I’m sure there are more. Below are the pieces I’ve produced so far, with enough size and resolution to print at letter sized (or A4 page) without problems. You can colour in the rough edges for your own version if you require something looking more crisp on the edges, or fix to your liking, if something isn’t right. The files are greyscale to reduce data and storage space. Enjoy!

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