G-strings for Christmas

No, I didn’t get any G-strings for Christmas. Neither did my guitar. I’m talking about having made some for my lingerie sewing model while trying out working with new techniques and materials for making them. Since there’s not much to them, I figured I could fit them all into one post instead of one post per garment as I usually do. 🙂

The EH? String

eh-stringThis was made out of fleece with a fleece maple leaf appliquÄ“d to the front kind of like those drawings with a leaf to cover the genitals. Since Canadians are known for saying “eh” at the end of sentences and questions, I punned it to the letter A into the name, to play on the letter G in the G-string name.

The mannequin I have is a bit smaller than my model so this garment looks like it covers a lot more than it does. The piece had to be this big, though, because there was next to no stretch in the fleece. The leaf is also more accurately positioned on my model to cover her genitals rather than some place above it. It’s like in those paintings I was talking about with the leafs, basically.

To make the leaf stand out, I chose a white trim like the white fleece background. I wanted to make sure there was only one thing to be looking at on this G-string, which is the leaf, and by being the only coloured part of the whole garment, there’s no doubt it stands out to the max. The only challenge I see to this garment is for function, the white string “butt floss” is probably not the greatest choice for colour after it’s worn and taken off, nor the white gusset in the front so it wouldn’t show through the white fleece. :S

BRONZE Rating for how I sewed the back Y together that wasn’t the best of ways. I found a better way in the versions below. Also, that trim isn’t great but I am currently limited in variety of trims I have in my stash. I never invested much in feminine trims, not having anticipated to do a lot of undergarments since getting a model without paying isn’t exactly easy, if you valued your life and avoid asking women to be one for you. A friend is my lingerie sewing model. Anyhow, I only got a handful of designs in decent quantity for practice, with the purchases having been very cheap since it was supposed to be for practice only.

WILMA G-string

wilma-g-stringThis one was made from cheap faux fur I had in my stash for practice in learning to use faux fur in garment making and design. This was my first time working with faux fur as I dreaded all the particles that was going to be produced working with faux fur. However, I came up with a great idea to soak the fur and wring it out, leaving it wet but not dripping wet, before working with the fur, and it worked fabulously! The fur was heavy enough it didn’t float into the air when cut or sewn. The fur was heavy enough, actually, that I was able to put it through the serger to finish the edges without kicking up a dust storm of particles. The finished edges was nice enough it doesn’t shed after drying! I don’t know how many other people use this technique but they should definitely learn it cause it’d be an ugly mess to work with faux fur indoors otherwise!

I used cardboard cutouts and a fine tip marker ink pen to transfer the pattern on to the wet fur. Tracing paper patterns would get wet and disintegrate. Ink smudging didn’t matter because even on a small seam allowance, it was going to be in the seam. I serge finished the edges here, though, so the ink lines of the pattern got cut off.

My model is bigger than the mannequin so like the EH string shown above, this actually covers a lot less on her than on the mannequin. It looks a lot sexier covering less than just a string underwear sort of garment. The piece had to be this big, though, because there was next to no stretch in the faux fur.

The name for this came from my connection of fur underwear and a fur dress. Wilma Flintstone of the Flintstones cartoon wore a furry white dress so my mind just connected the two that in the same clothing style, if she had worn a G-string under that dress, it’d probably have looked like this! LOL

SILVER Rating for the technique, as brilliant as it had worked out. I can’t give gold to what is otherwise a bronze rating garment to me. The trim isn’t the greatest as mentioned above with the EH? String. The faux fur was just crappy to look at being uneven the way it is. I’ve got better faux fur, though, and there’ll be G-strings and other garments in the future with them! I’ll tell you one thing, though. Fur still makes me think about touching it to see how the fur feels. Any time I see fur, I want to touch it to see how it feels. So to me, there’s something just a bit sexier to a garment that could potentially feel sexy as well as look sexy!

CREST G-string

crest-g-stringThis one is made of some golden fabric with felt embossing on it. I know it doesn’t look golden in the picture that I had to push brightness in order to get some contrast and it not looking so gloomy in the lighting I had.

You likely wouldn’t be able to tell the black was black felt embossed on to the fabric unless you stared hard and long, and up close, which you probably wouldn’t do if you valued your life, lol. However, the wearer would know it and it does feel nice to the touch, making the garment a bit sexier than just the looks, in my opinion. On a person with light brown or golden skin, this may look like lace.

I thought up this design recalling the fabric I had with something that looked like a crest in the embossed felt. Fortunately for me, it fit in the piece nicely, making it look like the wearer were sporting their family crest or something there, lol. It just makes for a nice look and pattern otherwise. This G-string also covers a lot less on my model for whom I sewed it as she is bigger than the mannequin, and it looks quite sexy on her! The piece had to be this big, though, because there was next to no stretch in the fabric.

SILVER Rating as this designed turned out well and was sewn together nicely except for the limitation of the trim design. See the EH? String description for my stash’s limitations on feminine trims.

FLEURS G-string

fleurs-g-stringI made this out of some beautiful stretch fabric I got on mega-sale at the end of season last summer. With its stretch, I didn’t have to make the piece as big as the non-stretch fabric pieces in the G-strings previously shown. On my model who is bigger than this mannequin, this would stretch to approximately the same size as the pieces in the G-strings featured above. However, its coverage would look similar on my model to the coverage of this G-string which isn’t stretched much at all on the smaller mannequin.

This is a fabric with everything embossed, which is why I loved it! Every detail of that print is embossed or debossed so a blind person with some visualization skills of what s/he is feeling, could envision the entire print. To help the print stand out visually, I chose a white trim, but I’m not keen on the idea. I’m not sure I’d be any more keen if the trim had been black or some other colour, though. The fabric was too thick to make a rolled up string to use in place of the elastic trims here. And as above with the EH? String, the white string and “butt floss” isn’t the most practical or cleanest feeling for wear. However, I was able to at least put on a black gusset here. Otherwise, I love how that print just stands out!

The FLEURS name is French for flowers, of which there are two embossed on the fabric as you can see.

SILVER Rating for that white elastic colour challenge for visual and functional purposes. Otherwise, this was a G-string I rather liked. Maybe I’ll make one with black trim in the future.


v-stringThis was the initial muslin so it had a slightly different proportion on the stretch velvet triangular piece, compared to the FLEURS G-string described above. Stretched out, it just missed covering the model’s public hair exactly, but it’s really hard to figure out how these pieces will stretch when pulled where they are joined to strings at the vertices. You just have to do one and note the adjustments to be made for future ones.

The black velvet is definitely very sexy, though unless you were close, you probably couldn’t tell it was black velvet rather than just some black fabric. I used a nice trim I had gotten for 10 cents a metre as it was discontinued and I got a roll of like 40 metres for “go to” practice trim. It’s nice, but hard to sew on as you can see very little allowance from the edge for sewing it on any other fabric in a matter that would leave it sturdy and not prone to ripping in the wash or otherwise.

BRONZE Rating for not the best of fit and probably a little flimsiness compared to other G-strings above due to trim used. However, that black velvet is sexy and as soon as I’m done other garments with it, I hope to have enough left for a redo with better trim, replicating the FLEURS G-string above.

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