xFirst Few Weeks of Life Drawing

Recently, I got a chance to be in a study where someone studies how I learn to draw, alongside other participants. I took the opportunity because of 1-1 instruction provided for those who wanted it, being someone who’s rarely drawn but who has always wanted to. Below are some scans for the first few sessions. They’re pretty bad but you know, I can only improve from here!

I also cheated on my learning by partially learning an anime drawing lesson and making a drawing without having completed it because I was short on time. The anime is much easier because it is formulaic so all the characters are more or less the same proportion, with variation being imperfections of one’s drawing skills. Life drawings, on the other hand, everybody is different proportions!

This weekend, I get to go to a retreat where I will be putting in like 10 hours of drawing, which is more than all I have done so far in the past two weeks or so! I will also take my turn posing as the other artists there do, so my first time modeling nude, lol! It’s about time I make damn good use of this fine fit body, though. At just 108 lbs, they’ll just have to make sure they draw me large enough so it doesn’t get mistaken for child porn! lol

Warning: The following gallery includes some horrible sketches and sketches of people in the nude. Please do not view if you have reactions to either. 🙂


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