A Symbolic Fashion Suggestion for Justin Trudeau

Trinity knot how to TieToday was a great day for Canada as Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, introduced a gender-balanced Cabinet, and showed Canadians so many ways as to how his government will be different from anything we have seen before. However, one thing that had not changed, but could in a small way with big visibility, was the “fashion”, or lack thereof, of most of the male politicians. They practically all wore ties with the traditional and boring Windsor knot.

So here’s my suggestion. What if they were to wear the beautiful and distinctly visible Trinity Knot in the picture at right?

It’s just a different knot, although it ties differently in that there is only one “tail” on the tie on the shirt, with the other end tucked in under the collar.

It’s not any harder to tie, although it would be a change from routine just about all the male Cabinet members would likely know. (instructions)

It’s a different image, just as they’re all projecting, and it’s modern, refreshing and beautiful… like them!

It looks great, even with the plainest of ties!

And the women could wear it, too, of course, if any so wish.

A government that could start a fashion trend! Imagine that!

It’s not like people ever associate government with fashion, or trend. Yet, this could be done here without losing professionalism or respect.

How much cooler could this government be???

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