Free Textgram Backgrounds for Android – Abstract Blue

Textgram is the best Android picture quote maker I have found that’s free, loaded with flexible options and minimal ads. Way better than Instaquote and Jusgramm, which seem to be the other two big apps for the same purposes. Ratings and downloads also seem to agree with my opinion.

There are free backgrounds packages with Textgram, but I can’t seem to get them to load right. Still, there are only a handful for free. If you’re going to be making lots of picture quotes like I plan to be, and want variety, they aren’t going to be enough for you. As a result, I have started making my own backgrounds from wallpapers found on the Internet, usually darkening or lightening them up quite a bit so as to be appropriate for crisp text overlay. They weren’t made for this purpose, originally, so it’s not surprising they’re usually not ideal as they were.

This first small set is abstract blue backgrounds. There will be several abstracts of other colours, as well as themed ones to follow in the next few months. They have no ads or anything on them so you can use them as if you made them! 🙂

These backgrounds are 612 pixels squared, the size of the Textgram backgrounds on the Android app as ran on my Samsung Galaxy Note Tab 3. I’m not sure how they translate to an Android phone, or if the iTunes version would require a different size graphic. But if they don’t, and you have such a device, then you’re in luck!

If you can use these, just click on the thumbnail you want. When the larger image appear in a carousel, right click and download if you’re on a computer, or however you download via Android app. Scroll the carousel and repeat for every background you like.

Please click here to see more Textgram backgrounds on this site. Thank you and enjoy!

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