Idea of Beauty Quote

The more open is your idea of beauty,
the more beautiful your world will be

idea of beautyMinh Tan

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This one is pretty simple to get, but maybe you’ve never thought of it this way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old adage goes, meaning it’s a personal opinion (taste) sort of thing. Now, consider you and someone else who might get exposed to many of the same things, like two people who spend a lot of time in similar locations and situations, like work, school, street neighbourhood, etc. If your idea of beauty were wider than theirs, whether it involves nature, people’s looks and/or souls, music, or whatever, would it not be logical that the world would appear to be more beautiful to you since you can find joy from more beauty among the same things compared to them?

Try to open your senses and your mind to more things to see the beauty in them. The world will be more beautiful, which will make your life more enjoyable than it would be otherwise if you could not find so much beauty around you!

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