I Will Boycott Any Halifax Unionized Coffee Shop

There’s a big brew-haha about Haligonian coffee shop staff unionizing. and how this is supposed to be good and going to lead to change in Canada,¬†etc.¬†Well, I’ll simply state “brew-haha” is pretty much the right word to describe it, and leave it at that, because I not only understand the issues and disagree, I also know action speak louder than words.

To that extent, I will simply boycott purchasing from any coffee shop I know to be unionized. I can forego any cravings I might have for whatever at the moment to support my belief. It’s not a big sacrifice, and it may not have an impact on the whole. However, I’m doing my part to steer things back in the right direction, which is to stop all this union nonsense for their selfish wants. Once upon a time, unions existed to stop abuse from employers. Now, employers need to employerize to stop abuse from unions. How far the needle has swung! The sense of entitlement of these people is ridiculous, and the things they do, including highway robbery of their members by executives, is worse than stuff people do to each other in fiction. People need to wake up and do something about these unions… those who can, since not everybody can, I realize that. Maybe it’s a good thing to pray for the next time I do.

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