Photos from the 2012 Halifax Zombie Walk

These are a collection of photos I got from the Halifax Zombie Walk on August 12, 2012. These are better quality than the photos posted on Facebook, which has its own file size and dimension limitations, for those who want them. I tried to get everyone, not just the pretty people.

I got the walk in three location, two of which above their eye level so they’d be looking up to get me more light from the sky, rather than down to me or at my eye level and leaving their faces in the shade. I was up on a light post in one instance where some of them tried to grab me, which was cool. I was on a sidewalk wall in another instance, on the opposite side of the sidewalk since many had specific details on only one side or the other of their faces.

These zombie walks are pretty popular among North American cities these days, but this was my first to capture. Next year, I’ll learn some make-up and combine with my costume for anything from Matrix to Star Trek zombies… and maybe even one in armour! Stay tuned!

Please click here to see more of my photography.

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