Did GI Joe Retaliation Get Delayed Because of That London Destruction Scene?

The GI Joe 2: Retaliation movie was supposed to have been released on June 29, 2012. About a month beforehand, it was delayed a full 9 months until March 29, 2013! The “real” reasons have been cited as poor 3D rendering, fan favourite character Duke getting killed way too early on, fan reaction test scores being mediocre to bad, etc. (Collider.com)

Well, I don’t buy that.

If you’re professional at all, you don’t realize you have a 9 month delay problem a month ahead of time. Further, just watching the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies in London less than a month after the release date, I’ve got a different theory.

At 1:55 in the trailer above, London got destroyed… and millions killed in the process cause you don’t do that to a city without casualties!

How cool do you think it would be that while the Olympics are going on, likely one of the top grossing movies each week in the US, and possibly around the world, has London getting blown to smithereens in glorious 3D detail? Further, a US based force (Cobra) was responsible for it, and another US force combating Cobra failed to save London, as if the British couldn’t save themselves. I don’t know if Cobra would count as a terrorist organization, at least not a conventional one. However, the scene of London getting destroyed is the ultimate nightmare for the British at the Olympics, when terrorists have all the motives in the world to strike and strike big at possibly the highest profile event on the planet! How cool do you think that is to Londoners and people around the world that a terrorist organization destroys London in a high profile film while the Olympics are going on?

Further, how do you think the US athletes, the largest team contingent at those Olympics, are going to get treated knowing their fellow Americans at home are cherishing the movie that has London destroyed? It kind of reinforces that international stereotype of the macho American who thinks they’re everybody’s saviour and meddles in everybody’s business in that role. Flaunting that attitude might jeopardize some of the American athletes’ safety a little more than before, given America has lots of enemies, and some allies who aren’t all that supportive of their ways.

As for the cancellation push,I don’t think the Olympics Committee, or the US’ own committee, intervened or anything to get this delay, in my conspiracy theory. There are a LOT of people watching out for public relations faux pas when it comes to the Olympics. I don’t think neither the Olympics Committee nor the US one had to intervene. They’d only need to spread word around to certain people to hint to top executives at the studios and such and that would be all that’s needed. It’s not exactly hard to understand.

As for the period of delay, it has to be a while until the London Olympics fade from memory. The London Olympics is known in short as London 2012, so anything in 2012 probably wasn’t safe. Beyond that, for specifics, it probably has to do with money, as in business for minimal competition to maximize revenues.

Regardless, March 29, 2013 it is as of now… so enjoy the Olympics and take a good look at London while it’s still in tact! 🙂

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